In this article I will try to give you tips about preparing yourself for AZ-204 Azure Developer Certification Exam.

Main page of AZ-204 on Microsoft, this page should be your home during your AZ-204 preparation time 😊 You can get detailed information about exam and tips.

Briefly described in this page: “Candidates should have at least 2 years of professional development experience and experience with Azure. They should be able to program in an Azure-supported language, and should be proficient using Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell, and other tools”.

Passing score is 700. You can get information about how score is calculated from here.

In my current company we are member of Enterprise Skills Initiative

You can login with your company mail if your company joined this initiative website. Under Section you will find available certification exams. As you saw below you can schedule exam.

Exam Preparation section gives details about exam. Weighted average of topics covered. Topics group under 5 sections of skills measured. You can watch these videos as starting point. Neil McIsaac is giving high level information about sections. You can reach from here.

From this platform it is possible to do practice tests. If you think you prepared enough both theoretical and practical for exam. There is no limitation on number of practice exam you can take, but questions repeat itself.

I started with Microsoft Learn AZ-204 learning path. I read all documents and I tried the example codes from either provided sandbox or on my local. Microsoft Learn platform is a gamification based platform so that you get XPs, badges, trophies after completing learning path modules.

You can reach all related learning paths for AZ-204 from here You can skip Prepare to teach AZ-204 Developing Solution for Microsoft Azure it is for teaching about exam.

Microsoft Learn also provides Learning Path Labs which has 12 modules. You can gain practical experience on Azure from these labs.

Pluralsight also provides a learning path for AZ-204. I completed this learning path as well. In videos they are giving theoretical information about Azure. This path consists of 19 video courses and 1 guide. There are Exam Alerts that gives you example scenarios which very beneficial for exam. Because in exam you are not asked directly what is what and what is used for what instead of they are giving you example scenario and you will think and try to solve scenario based on giving information in the question.

If you have Pluralsight Premium it also possible to take practice exam provided by CyberVista as well. I took one practice exam from CyberVista. Questions were very similar to original certificate questions. I recommend taking this practical test before exam.

I read Mustafa Erhan Ersoy’s blog post about AZ-204 exam before exam, and I convinced to buy this practice exam set prepared by Scott Duffy from Udemy. If you don’t have Pluralsight account, you can also buy Scott Duffy’s course about AZ-204.

Not just before this exam but in earlier times I completed several courses from LinkedIn Learning.

Azure Microservices with .NET Core for Developers , Azure Event Grid, Azure Administration: Implement and Manage Application Services (2019), Exam Tips: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204)

LinkedIn Learning is also providing Learning Path for AZ-204 exam you can reach from here.

My last advice is, schedule your exam when you are not working or any time you have at least half day off. Questions has lots of text in it, and you shouldn’t be tired when reading questions. You can write me if you have any questions.